A downloadable game for Windows

Lazer Blazer is Galaga-like game for demonstration purposes. 

Development and sound was done by myself, Joshua Flash.  

Art assets courtesy of Tatermand on OpenGameArt


as well as Wikimedia Commons.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run the .exe


Lazer Blazer.zip 33 MB


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Hmmmmmm................ Blazer is my name pls don't use my name I mad!!!!!!!!!!   ):(

Hi! There is no button that makes the game start :c

Hi Dan,

The Start Menu is controlled with the up and down arrow keys and "Enter" key. When you open the game, you should be able to start by pressing enter. The design could have been better, but this was an earlier game I worked on. I will go back and clean things up a bit to make it more intuitive. Thank you for reporting the issue!


It is really strange... because I tried all buttons but the game didn't start...

I apologize for that, Dan. I will have a look tonight and see if I can fix the menu. Should get it updated by tomorrow. Once you're up and running let me know what you'd like to see added to the game as it is only a small demo currently.

Hi, so the 'Start Game' button should now respond to mouse clicks. There seems to be a few other issues which I believe came with upgrading Unity. I will be happy to fix and add more to the game if there is enough interest. For now, enjoy the little demo :)

Ok, perfect :)